Fundamentals of Transitional Rabbinic Work, Central Conference of American Rabbis, 21 Hours, 10/12

Family and Community Conflict Resolution, Teaching, Training and Practice, New York Law School, 1.5 Hours, 10/15

Essential Mediation Skills for the New Mediator, American Arbitration Association, 40 Hours, 11/15

Transitioning Families: Serving the Needs of Queer & Transgender Clients in Family & Divorce Mediation, FDMC, 2 hours, 2/16

Divorce Mediation Training w/ Prof. Robert Collins, New York Peace Institute, 21 Hours, 2/16


What Happens if the Mediation Breaks Down? Anatomy of a Divorce Litigation, FDMC, 3 hours, 3/16

How to Use Mediation to Resolve Conflicts over Animals, NYC Bar, 2 hours, 3/16

Mediation, It’s All in the Timing, ACR-GNY, 2 hours, 3/16

The Dispute Tree and the Legal Forest, Quinnipiac Yale Dispute Resolution, 1.5 Hours, 3/16

Special Needs and Mediation, FDMC-NY, 2 Hours, 3/16

Equal Justice Before the Law, NY Law School, 6 Hours, 4/16

1-Day Advanced Mediation Techniques: Interests to Options, Stalder Mediation, 7 Hours, 4/16